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Hey there! I'm a 17 year old gal from a lil' small island called Singapore.
Making art has always been a part of my life since I was little. From spending over 2 hours trying to add lil' pop-up paper mice on a Chinese New Year card (it was the Year of the Rat) for a Primary 1 art competiton to joining the Art Elective Programme in secondary school. Ever since I became a Higher Art student, my appreciation for art grew massively. It also made me explore and expand my abilities in making art.

Each artwork I've created was created in a moment of time in my life - be it bitter or sweet. And that's the reason why I don't see them as just a piece of paper with some paint on it, I see it as a memory - a feeling. I have a strong feeling art would never not be a part of my life, and I hope with these artworks, it doesn't leave yours too.

Yours sincerely,

Tan Huang Lee

(P.S. my name 'Huang Lee' sounds similar to the pronunciation of 'pineapple' in Mandarin, which is what inspired the logo ;) )